Henderson Grading Inc.

Burlington, Kansas              

     Henderson Grading Inc. is an earth moving company
specializing in larger cubic yardage jobs.
If you have a lot of dirt to move we would like to talk to you - e-mail

There have been many other jobs and satisfied customers.

                               Blade Img      

  Caterpillar 16G Motor grader
                            Equipment Img

It and 3 637E II push-pull Caterpillar Motor Scrapers, and 1 Caterpillar 637 C Motor Scrape

Scrapers Img                   cdf b         

The scope of this job was stockpiling 40,000 cubic yards of topsoil and building
30,000 cubic yards of levee at 95% compaction tested regularly.
Job was finished on time and on budget.

4 scrapers

Febuary of 2016 before starting CDF F (Containment Discharge Facility F), part of the John Redmond Dredging job.
All lined up ready to go. 

5 meg video "Scraper Drive By", cruised past the line of scrapers.

A video of Me Loading, holding the camera freehand, which made steering
and controlling a bit awkward.
The scraper behind me was pushing while I loaded, then I pulled him while he loaded.
Push-Pull loading.